Tuesday, December 4, 2012

The Ladies in my Life....

My Friend Tina suggested that while my Mom and Sisters were here we should do a photo shoot! These are the shots I got with my camera! LOVE LOVE LOVE these Ladies in my life! I love that we get along so well and love to help each other out when ever possible! They have all turned out to be amazing sisters...friends...wives... and mothers! LOVE YOU ALL!

Kennedie's Last Day at Highpoint....

Kennedie's last day at Highpoint Academy! Love Ms. Snyder and lots of friends but super excited to start at Acres Green Elementary and make some MORE friends!


October 20, 2012 We moved to HIGHLANDS RANCH, CO! So excited to be starting a NEW SCHOOL and NEW CHAPTER in our LIVES!

Turning the BIG 40

My Family has A LOT of birthdays in OCT. So it was no surprise to me that my mom and sisters decided to come out for my birthday....what was surprising was the AMAZING birthday party that was put on by some of my BEST friends! Thanks TINA, WENDY, TONIA, ANGIE, MELISSA,ROSSETA, MICHELLE and ALL my other friends who were in on this PARTY! Who knew turning 40 would be THIS FUN!

Monday, December 3, 2012

First day of First Grade....High Point Academy

We have a FIRST GRADER in the HOUSE! Kennedie started First Grade this year...WOW! She likes her teacher Ms. Snyder and even has some friends from Kindergarten in her class!

On our way home...we stopped in St. Louis

On our LONG drive home we stopped in St Louis to see the famous ARCH!  We had a super vacation spent with family!

The Indy Zoo

We got to go to the Indy Zoo while we were visiting family! Kids LOVED it!

Indy trip cont.....

We went to a super fun Swim Park while in Indy.....

Trip to Indy....

While we were visiting in Indy we went to alot of FUN places and played with Cousins....
A Trip to Conner Prairie

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Liberty Jail


We took a Road Trip to Indianapolis to visit Darrick's Mom and Sister, On our way we stopped to see some of the sites! Liberty Jail was one of them. We had a crazy experience while we were there as a storm headed in there was a lot of wind and the power went out just as we were getting ready to listen to the last part of the program. While we sat in the dark in front of the bottom of the jail the Sis. Missionary continued the program on her own and used a flashlight to point things out to us. It was a testimony building experience for me....If I didn't know before hand that Joseph Smith was a prophet I surely would have known after this experience!