Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Potty Time for Kennedie

The Potty set up!


Kennedie's Little Preschool

So some friends of mine have started doing a preschool with their little ones and I thought, What a great idea! I should do that for Kennedie! My sister taught preschool for years and so she gave me a few pointers....taught me some fun songs and stuff. Today was the first day I did preschool with Kennedie and she just loves it! Check out the slide show above!

Thursday, February 14, 2008


Logan and his sugar cookie! YUMMY!
Cute little Campbell!

Kennedie licking her fingers!

Jace loves the sprinkles!

Everyone busy decorating!

Chrissy and Spencer decorating cookies!

Jace and Michelle being creative!

Decorating our Valentine bags!

Playing Games!

McKay is always smiling! Don't ya just wanna squeeze him!

Party Time! We had a little Valentine Party at our house today! Chrissy, Spencer and McKay, and Michelle, Jace and Campbell and Courtney, Logan and Chloe came to celebrate Valentines. We had a yummy lunch and then played games, decorated a valentine bag and cookies and exchanged our Valentines! The Kids had lots of FUN!

Happy Valentines Day!

Kennedie and Andrew wish you all a Happy Valentines Day 2008!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

The Cutest Kids In the WHOLE World!

I'm sorry but I just have to say it!!! My kids are the cutest kids in the whole world! I know it's a little one sided but come on people look at how cute they are! Just had to get that off my chest!

Andrew's 2 month photos

Our Little Andrew has already reached the 2 month milestone! He is such a cutie! He loves to smile especially at his big sister!

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Writing our Valentines for Cousins and Friends

We had to start our valentines early so we could get them mailed to all our cousins. Kennedie had a blast coloring and she is excited to deliver valentines to her friends her in Denver!


It seems like I have been neglecting Kennedie lately....well on the blog postings, so I thought I might give you a quick update on her as well. She is the HAPPIEST BIG SISTER in the world. She is such a great helper when it comes to her little brother and her Mother as well. I have been trying to teach her how to clean up after herself (with some help from her parents) and she is doing a really good job. She is a super eater- looks like she takes after her mom when it comes to the word food, especially sweet ones! "MORE CHOCATE PLEAZ". And she seems to be so polite lately, using her please's and thank you's. In her words "THANK YOU SO MUCH MOM!" what a cutie she is. She has really enjoyed visits from her Uncles and Aunts lately!!! Totally loves Mike and Sara and Tom and Jackie. She asks where they are almost everyday! How did we get so lucky to have these 2 beautiful children entrusted to our care? Only hope we can prove our worthiness to take care of these special spirits!

Clean bill of health

So we took Andrew to the Doctor today for his 2 month check-up and follow up on his little hospital stay. I am proud to say that he has a clean bill of health! YA! He is actually growing in leaps and bounds. He weighs 13lbs 1 oz which puts him in the 83% range for weight (my little chunky monkey) and his height is in the 86% range (gets that from his dad). He had his first round of immunizations and seems to be taking all of that in stride so far. Things are looking on the brighter side for him, happy and healthy what more can you ask for!

Monday, February 4, 2008

Andrew's Blessing Day

Sunday February 3, 2008- Andrew's Blessing Day! We are so thankful that we were able to continue with our plans to bless Andrew today. Darrick gave a wonderful blessing and we did have a little bit of family here to celebrate with us! Just wanted to post of few pictures of him in his blessing outfit and a quick picture of us as our new little family!

Getting back to Normal

Andrew seems to be getting back to his normal happy self, with the exception of wanting to be held a little more. But what can you say after going through the stuff he's gone through in such a small amount of time!