Thursday, February 14, 2008


Logan and his sugar cookie! YUMMY!
Cute little Campbell!

Kennedie licking her fingers!

Jace loves the sprinkles!

Everyone busy decorating!

Chrissy and Spencer decorating cookies!

Jace and Michelle being creative!

Decorating our Valentine bags!

Playing Games!

McKay is always smiling! Don't ya just wanna squeeze him!

Party Time! We had a little Valentine Party at our house today! Chrissy, Spencer and McKay, and Michelle, Jace and Campbell and Courtney, Logan and Chloe came to celebrate Valentines. We had a yummy lunch and then played games, decorated a valentine bag and cookies and exchanged our Valentines! The Kids had lots of FUN!


Misty said...

Look at all that sugar, nice to see everyone is having fun at the Websters house, Happy Valentines Day.


The Birch Family said...

Holy cuteness Cupid! Those pics are adorable.. please send them to me asap!