Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Clean bill of health

So we took Andrew to the Doctor today for his 2 month check-up and follow up on his little hospital stay. I am proud to say that he has a clean bill of health! YA! He is actually growing in leaps and bounds. He weighs 13lbs 1 oz which puts him in the 83% range for weight (my little chunky monkey) and his height is in the 86% range (gets that from his dad). He had his first round of immunizations and seems to be taking all of that in stride so far. Things are looking on the brighter side for him, happy and healthy what more can you ask for!


The Birch Family said...

Teri! I'm so glad he's doing so well again!!

Misty said...

I'm happy that he's better too. McKinley has been sick too and I can't seem to make the choice to go to the hospital. What made you take him? The poor little things... They're sure getting big fast huh. He's barely behind her in the chubby section :o) Congrats!