Wednesday, February 6, 2008


It seems like I have been neglecting Kennedie lately....well on the blog postings, so I thought I might give you a quick update on her as well. She is the HAPPIEST BIG SISTER in the world. She is such a great helper when it comes to her little brother and her Mother as well. I have been trying to teach her how to clean up after herself (with some help from her parents) and she is doing a really good job. She is a super eater- looks like she takes after her mom when it comes to the word food, especially sweet ones! "MORE CHOCATE PLEAZ". And she seems to be so polite lately, using her please's and thank you's. In her words "THANK YOU SO MUCH MOM!" what a cutie she is. She has really enjoyed visits from her Uncles and Aunts lately!!! Totally loves Mike and Sara and Tom and Jackie. She asks where they are almost everyday! How did we get so lucky to have these 2 beautiful children entrusted to our care? Only hope we can prove our worthiness to take care of these special spirits!


Christina Mangelson said...

Kennedie is so stinking cute. I hope Lindsey grows beautiful hair like hers.