Monday, March 30, 2009

To Do List

I saw this type of thing on a blog a while back and have wanted to do this for my kids ( and for try to get them to help out a little and try to make things like cleaning up toys and brushing teeth more fun)! So I finally got it done today and wanted to share. So every night at after we eat dinner we will plan out the next day together! There are different sayings in the packet to the side like, Preschool, Go to the Park, The Zoo,Play with Friends, etc. I am excited to see if this gives my kiddos a little more structure during the daytime!


Tonia said...

they turned out really cute...I bet Kennedie loves doing it!

Rachel said...

What a great Idea and it turned out so cute. I may have to steal that one.

Cam and Chelle said...

Super cute Teri, as always, where do you find the time?!!