Monday, February 1, 2010

Happy February 1st

I Really Love that we are out of the Month of January and on to February. Lots of people don't enjoy this month or celebrating valentines day but I rather like it! ( I love celebrating any holiday for that matter ) I started doing the 14 days of valentines for my sweetheart many many years ago and since we have had our kiddos I do it for them too! It is so fun for them to go to their mailbox every morning and see what treat Mom left for them! I love my little Family so much and their SMILES are PRICELESS!


Joe and Brittany said...

Valentines day is one of my favorite holidays!

That is such a cute idea! I love it!

The Jaszkowiak's said...

You're so good! Super Cute idea! I need to steal your idea and do this next year! It just seems to sneak up on me! :)

rindy said...

oh yes.... i wish i was in YOUR family!!!!that's such a fun tradition!