Monday, April 7, 2008

Wii would like to play!

So we Hosted a Wii party on Saturday night with a few of our friends, all of our kids enjoyed playing together and watching a movie and eating popcorn! But the most fun was for the adults when we rocked out with Guitar Hero! We had a blast! Thanks everyone for making it so much fun! Can't wait to do it again!!!


Dave, Mandi and Blake said...

we had SO much fun! Our x-box and guitar hero are arriving this Thursday! We can't wait and we'll have to host a party at our place!Thanks for letting us crash your pad!

Skinners said...

Bummer we missed it! Maybe someday I won't be in school and we can actually have a life! Definately call us next time you do it!

Annie Carie said...

how fun! we love to play that game too.