Friday, June 6, 2008

Fun in the sun with "OUR" Brandon and Jordan!

Andrew LOVES the water!

Soaking up the sun!
Brandon-taking it easy!
All tuckered out!

Slipin and slidin!

We have been in Omaha visiting my sister and her family for the past week and a half, (we head home on Sunday June 8). We have had a blast! Scrapbooking, Shopping, we did each others nails and gave each other pedicures, we also spent a couple days at the pool and "weathered" some severe storms while we have been here! This will be our last trip to Omaha because there family is getting ready to move to Missouri! So we will have a new place to explore on our next visit with them!


Misty said...

Im glad everyone is having a good time, good to see all of you guys together.