Sunday, June 15, 2008

Update on Andrew

Okay, so I know Andrew has already turned 6 months old...but I am kind of behind with some of my photo shoots(it will be posted soon!) and yes I know Our little boy is sitting in a pink chair...but it is his sisters chair and he loves to sit in it, Darrick keeps saying we need to get a blue one for him...eventually, anyhow, just wanted to give a few updates on Andrew, of course he is sitting up all on his own and loves to see what is going on around him, while we were in Omaha he got his 2 bottom teeth! Yea for Andrew...not so fun for mom. He has been just a little bit cranky with this new milestone in his life. He is growing like a weed and we enjoy him more and more everyday. Kennedie has really taken to him as well and loves to talk and play with him! We love you Andrew!