Monday, July 28, 2008


So we have talked to some of you but wanted to make sure that everyone knew that in August we will be taking our first road trip with 2 children...A LITTLE SCARY but none the less we are excited and hope to get to see everyone along the way. We will be leaving Denver on Aug. 22 and driving to SLC and will spend 4 days visiting with family, Then we leave SLC to take in some serious HEAT and head for St. George on Aug. 25 and stay until the 30th. We hope to fit in seeing all of our family and friends!


The Harrison's~ said...

oh yah!!!! you better call me.. i want to see you guys!!!

Dave, Mandi and Blake said...


Parmelee said...

ahh, someone to join in our insanity! At least your not going all the way to washington like we did. Have fun, enjoy the wood connection.......bring back lots of ideas.