Saturday, July 19, 2008

Week in Review

So the past week has been filled with lots of activities! Grandma and Grandpa Lawyer came out to visit with our cousin Jackson and Darrick's brother John! We had a ton of fun which included a trip to Walmart to pick out a new toy and outfit, a trip to Mcdonlads, a BBQ on Saturday with some more cousins, (thanks Tora's for spending the afternoon with us) and Mckay Carlsons birthday party at the Splash Park! Boy those cupcakes were YUMMY!

Then Darrick and I went on our First date since having our two little ones to see Drums Along the Rockies! We had a blast! The Blue Devils stole this competition! This picture is for you DAD!Go Blue Devils!

Then we had our regular summer movie schedule and went to see Flushed Away, Kennedie loved it! Then we ran off to Playgroup at the pyramid fountain to cool off!

On Thursday was Kennedie's Joy School outing to the Butterfly Pavilion because this week we were learning about the letter "B". Kennedie had lots of fun especially looking at all the bugs! She just loves BUGS!

Closing out the week we went with The Carlsons, The Deans, and The Robinsons to the Zoo! We had lots and lots of fun! Busy, busy,busy!

Now just a little update on Our "LITTLE" Andrew:

At the moment he has 2 bottom teeth all the way in with the one next to it poking through, His 2 top teeth are poking through and then one next to one of his top teeth is also poking through! He has started to shake his head NO and can pretty much get where he wants to go by belly scooting his way around the room! He has starting taking his naps and going to bed at night without any rocking by mom (THANK HEAVENS)! GO GO ANDREW!


Tonia&Schon&Brandon&Jordan said...

You guys have been soooo busy but it lookd like you have had a lot of fun! Miss you! love ya, Aunt Tonia

harrison said...


harrison said...

did you figure out how to not lose everything when you change your background?