Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Just a quick post of a few snapshots of my munchkins, Lately every time my camera comes out Kennedie wants her picture taken so I snapped a shot of her and it turned out pretty cute! Of course she's in her PJ's , that's all she wants to wear anymore. It's a fight every time we have to get dressed and as soon as we get back home from where ever we have been she wants to put her PJ's on again (sounds like 2 boys I know...Brandon and Jordan). Then the other night I caught the cute picture of Andrew playing his piano, he just loves it! We have also been putting a few decorations up for St. Patricks Day and I just wanted to post my latest project!
Also I thought I needed to post a picture of Kennedie's FAVORITE THING these days...Our puppy Hurley! He is so petite but he has a HUGE Bark! We love him though!


The Carlson Crew said...

What a great picture of Kennedie! They're both darling. We are having the same clothing problem, but Spence wants to wear basketball shorts all day and night. Ahh.

The Harrison's~ said...

your kiddos are so cute!! they are getting so big!! Miss you guys!

The Birch Family said...

That pic of K is so cute! I cannot believe how quickly you busted out those shamrocks... well, pillows! The amazing crafter back to work... :)